The only coin designed to fail, or not

By 404 Finance

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Crypto meets AI meats Tacos

We've heard crypto and AI are delicious so let's package them up into the tastiest, most versatile, cutting-edge snack ever invented.


Total Supply: 404,404,404,404

$BUB. Designed in Tijuana. Zero Tax. Zero Team Tokens. Zero VC.

For the Greater Good

Saving humanity, one AI at a time.


We're not interested in getting stuck in the pre-defined highways and mundane traffic of a roadmap. We're setting our course towards a vast realm no project has dared to venture (no, not the metaverse), the wide open beautiful Blue Ocean, to a realm of unapologetic dominance, driven by our own delusions of grandeur. So, hoist the anchors, and let's make the impossible possible, together.

Leg 1 - Leading Edge

Allegedly Memes

Allegedly Liquidity

Allegedly Buzz

Allegedly Thousands of Holders

Allegedly NFTs

Leg 2 - Cutting Edge

Allegedly Exchange List

Allegedly Stratigic Partnerships

Allegedly AI

Allegedly Rolling Stone Cover

Allegedly More Buzz

Leg 3 - Bleeding Edge

Allegedly Millions of Users

Allegedly Huge Market Cap

Allegedly List on NASDAQ

Allegedly Sound Money

Allegedly Nobel Prize Winning

For the Greater Good

Saving humanity, one AI at a time.


Simply the best. Better than all the rest. We have a stellar track record. Zero rug pulls. Zero exploits. Zero bugs. Zero projects we've shipped before.

Legal Notice

BubbleBlucks ($BUB) is a cutting-edge meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. As a coin of our frivolity, it is utterly, unashamedly, delightfully useless, and for entertainment purposes only.